Sacredasia Treatments: Thai Reflexology  
Using the principles of Nuad Bo Rarn (Thai Massage), Thai Reflexology gently locates and releases metabolic waste deposits and tension in the hands and feet, In Thai theory, both the hands and feet are a microcosm of reflex zones relating to the whole body. Thai reflexology encourages the body’s own healing capacity, guiding the body to a balanced state of wellness. The head and face are sometimes included in Thai Reflexology to complete the treatment of the energy channels of the body (Sen in Thai). Both invigorating and relaxing, the effects of this peripheral stimulation is helpful for the nervous system & the lymphatic system to support natural optimum performance.  A session leaves you feeling relaxed, alive and walking on air.

• Gently relaxing & intuitive technique
• Useful in treating back pain, stomach pain, headaches & sinus problems • Holistically releases blockages throughout the body and improves energy flow
• Improves organ function and overall well-being
• Relieves tension and stress