Sacredasia Treatments: Craniosacral Therapy  

Via a gentle, non-invasive manipulative technique, this therapy encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to improve the functioning of your brain and spinal cord and to dissipate the negative effects of stress & trauma. This modality promotes good health while enhancing resistance to disease. The light touch used in Craniosacral Therapy means that it is one of the safest therapeutic forms. It is a non-directive, non-analytical, non-invasive approach - essentially the art of listening and enabling the body to heal itself. After a session, you are unwinding into restored patterns of health, emotional release is common, be gentle with yourself.

• Increased sense of relaxation
• Improvement of the symptoms you came to see the practitioner about
• Improvement of other symptoms (For example, someone coming for treatment for a bad back can find that,
as well as their back pain easing, the migraines they have had for years have got better too!)
• Change in behaviour patterns, leading to an improvement in relationships with friends, family, colleagues, etc
• Better management of specific disease symptoms
• Reduced stress
• Improvement of psychological issues
• Reduction of effects of past trauma
• Improved sense of well-being