Sacredasia Treatments: Ancient Thai Massage  

Translated from Nuad Bo Rarn as "the ancient quality to touch with intention of imparting healing", this modality of massage focuses on deep passive stretching and acupressure along the Sib Sen channels. A Thai Therapist uses their hands, feet, knees, elbows and bodyweight in a flowing series of rhythmic, meditative movements, to release blocked energy and to stimulate energy flow throughout the body. The treatment becomes a moving meditation whereby both client and practitioner move into a space of gentle trust and receptivity. Thai massage is great in helping musculo-skeletal pain, injuries, digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia, plus much more. The physical application of "Metta" (or Loving-Kindness) is the intention to enable the receiver to 'let go' of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. At the end of the treatment the receiver comes out feeling more open, stretched and balanced. Thai bodywork is carried out fully clothed on a futon mat, with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing & no oil is used.

• Decreases stress, anxiety and depression
• Relieves back, shoulder, neck pain and headaches
• Increases range of movement in joints
• Corrects right and left side imbalances in the body
• A support for sports, yoga, martial arts and physical disabilities
• Improves blood circulation and accelerates detoxification