Thai Fire Cupping & Scraping ~ 24 hours
Tuition: $595+gst *Deposit $150

This program includes:
~Ruesi Dat Ton, Meditation & Wai Kru ceremony
~Traditional Thai Medical Element Theory 
~Thai Cupping & Scraping methodology, indications and contraindications 
~ Working with silicone cups without fire and glass cups with fire
~ How to integrate these simple techniques into your practice or into your life for care of friends, family or clients

*Tuition for this class also includes a set of glass cups, an alcohol dispenser and a hemostatic clamp.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy;
- breaking up adhesions and loosening fascia
- drawing stagnant blood into superficial layers of the body
- assisting lymphatic drainage
- purging metabolic waste in the tissue 
- releasing heat in the system
- tonifying chronic inflammation 
- reducing fevers
- assisting the detox of pathogens, such as colds, flus etc.

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