Testimonials - continued
  Wow - 1000 golden candles on a bridge, on a starry night, in a forest over a river: lit in thankyous to you. You have been my bridge this week to the first steps on the other side. You have been gentle, encouraging, direct and fun. Thank you for every moment, I look forward to many more.
-Amanda Tate

I'm so thankful to you for teaching me this beautiful art form. I can't describe what this experience has meant to me. It has helped me to find a part of myself I knew existed but had not yet found. I appreciate all your wisdom you have shared with me thus far. I can't wait for more.
-Tina Hall

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn from your great skills and special light that cast through out our classes. I feel honoured to have started on a new journey with your guidance and look forward to new discoveries all the way.
-Shayne Roberts