This is just to tell you Kristin, how much I enjoyed your teaching of the intro course. Your gentle and kind heart was truly felt during these 6 days. I am now feeling a lot better and much freer of the lower back pain. I will continue Thai massage development from now on!
-Claire Olivier

Good work Kristin! Your good will & energy force is an inspiration to us all, not only have you helped heal my chronic back pains, but have started me on a higher level of learning and consciousness. Rock on!
-Lynn Creelman

Thank you so much for "making my dream come true"! The people who are drawn to you are a reflection of your being; it is amazing to see all of the wonderful colors come together! Your knowledge is wise and your integrity deep. It has been very special to see how gracefully you have embraced your growth. Thank you for your generosity. - Megan Maksimovitch

Kristin, you introduced me to Thai massage and have catalysed so much growth and thank you. Your generosity and laughter, combine with your knowledge and you are a gifted teacher & friend. I look forward to learning more. Love always sweet sage.
-Gillie Easdon

My purpose at first was to help others heal. Now all I can think about is healing myself, my energy. I am in the right direction and you have helped me on the way. You made me realize that I only need to think of self love and by having that intention, I will be able to help others. I thank you with all my heart.
- Lynne Taillefier