Drawn to the practice of Thai therapies?

Giving Thai Massage; your vital energy engages into a beautiful dance with the energy that flows through the channels and systems of the other person. Thai Massage is much like a combining the experiences of practicing yoga and visiting a massage therapist at the same time. It could be that you and your partner want skills to ail eachother's discomfort from time to time, or perhaps you are looking for a new career path...

Who can benefit from learning Thai therapies?

Even if you have limited or no experience in bodywork; Thai therapies is for anyone interested in healing, for it is a process through which you give and receive healing at the same time.

Yoga Practitioners: TM & Yoga have a direct relationship to each other. TM contains the aspect of applied Hatha Yoga. It will give Yoga teachers more confidence in adjusting their students.

Doctors of TCM: TM adds the dynamic of stretching in addition to acupressure for another hands on technique to manipulating the Qi.